Data Engineer

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  • Brussels, Belgium

Data Engineer

Job description

Meet your new team

As software engineers, we create solutions that answer our clients’ business needs. We work on an exciting technology stack that is constantly evolving. Currently it includes, on the data spectrum, Scala, Python, Spark, data science toolkits, Apache Parquet, Airflow, PostgreSQL. The web stack using this data is a set of microservices developed with Angular, React, Mapbox, H3, RxJS, Redux, Node.js.

All our components are orchestrated as containers using Docker based technologies.

Our code is tested, peer-reviewed and refactored on a regular basis. We take a pragmatic approach to coding and work with real deadlines. We regularly create innovative prototypes for new applications in our product lines.

The role

As a Data Engineer, you will design and develop our data pipeline solutions and be responsible for making them run resiliently, in quite challenging and diverse computing environments. You will also have to manage their build and delivery lifecycles (build scripts, deploy scripts, monitor setup).

We're looking for hands-on thinkers with an open DevOps mindset that can contribute to the design of the IT solution at all levels of granularity as well as getting their hands on the keyboard to get it done, tested, shipped and running.

More concretely, you will:

  • Design and write data computing components along with their required storage layers

  • Define the data flows and data requirements to serve our analytic and operational use cases

  • Operate our data solutions on real user data in production

  • Provide deep technical support, guidance and advice to a diverse team of great individuals

  • Become part of our DataOps team participating to everyone’s growth


Your must-haves

  • You have experience designing and coding a data processing solution and actually shipping it to production. We work mostly with Spark, Scala, Python, SQL and Docker. We'd love to hear what you have been working with!

  • You are curious about data science and have strong analytical skills.

  • You are open to learn new development frameworks.

  • You are fluent in English and have a solid technical academic background.

Work with us

  • You will enjoy working in a highly entrepreneurial environment, without rigid processes & long approval flows

  • You will quickly see the impact of your work on our products and our clients

  • We value participative management and autonomous teams: your input and that of your colleagues will drive the product and architecture vision

  • We care about outcome, not effort so you will be fully responsible for managing your time and workload

  • We are a highly talented international team of top-notch experts and learn from each other everyday.